Terms and conditions

Rules and regulations


  1. Customers wishing to use the services provided by Aquarena Mogyoród Aquapark (hereinafter: Aquarena) must keep to the Rules and Regulations of the facility. Upon buying the admission card, the Customers of Aquarena accept the rules and regulations as being compulsory for them to adhere to. Customers who do not accept or fail to comply with the rules may be refused services by the management and the staff or if justified may be asked to leave the grounds of the Aquarena.
  2. Admission to the Aquarena and use of the facilities by the Customers is on a first come first served basis. Exception to this rule are: groups announced in advance, those with season tickets, pre-purchased tickets, customer cards, club cards, VIP admission cards and the contractual partners of Aquarena.
  3. Admission to the Aquarena and use of its facilities is allowed only with a valid, non-refundable, non-transferable admission band for one entry bought on the day of the entry. Replacement of any damaged bands can be requested at the reception.
  4. The Aquarena and its facilities can be used only at the customers’ own responsibility. The slides should be used only according to the instructions shown on the pictograms (drawings) next to each slide. Should customers have any problems interpreting the pictograms they should turn to the slide supervisor for further information. We call our Customers’ attention to the fact that the facilities should be used with special and utmost precaution.
  5. Please take care of the fittings, equipment and rental objects of the Aquarena. The rental objects shall be returned on time and undamaged. The management of Aquarena may demand or sue for reimbursement of damages caused willfully or negligently by Customers.
  6. Admission and staying on the grounds of the Aquarena is prohibited to people with infectious or skin diseases, with injured, open cuts or wounds, anyone under the influence of drugs or narcotics. The staff of the Aquarena can refuse to serve any such Customers.
  7. People with poor eyesight and customers who are defective in hearing are allowed to use the slides exclusively with permanent supervision.
  8. Children under 14 years of age are allowed to stay on the grounds of the Aquarena only under permanent supervision of their parents or an adult person and are allowed to use the facilities of the Aquarena only with the exclusive responsibility of the parent or the accompanying adult person with special regard to the swimming pools and slides.
  9. Responsible persons accompanying children’s groups are responsible for the groups’ safety in all aspects (life, accident, properties) and are responsible for complying and obliging the children to comply with the rules and regulations of Aquarena.
  10. No games and no behavior are allowed on the grounds of the Aquarena that can in any way cause bodily harm to others or disturbs in any way the Customers in the water or wishing to rest.
  11. Customers can use only the specially paved roads and stairs on the grounds of the Aquarena and should provide special care to avoid any possible leg injuries (e.g. slipping, stumbling, or hurting their legs, etc.). It is prohibited to lean or climb over the guard rails, to enter areas closed to Customers and to use closed facilities and slides.
  12. The park areas for resting and sunbathing can be used freely by our Customers.
  13. The equipment of Aquarena can only be used in line with their intended purpose and in a good health condition to avoid any damages to health and to provide for safe use.
  14. It is prohibited to remove the water arm-chairs of the Slow River from the pool and can be used only within the Slow River. It is prohibited to use the sliding floaters.
  15. The sliding floaters can only be used on the designated slides. The sliding floaters are only allowed in the Wild-water River, the Black Hole and the Rafting slides. Customers must leave the pools at the place designated and hand over the sliding floaters as directed by the lifeguard to the next Customer. It is forbidden to take the sliding floaters to any other area of Aquarena. No foreign objects other than the sliding floaters of Aquarena can be used on the slides.
  16. The requests and instructions of the slide supervisors, the lifeguards and the security guards must be adhered to at all times. All responsible service staff working on the grounds of Aquarena (director and deputies, lifeguards, pool guard, slide supervisor, security guards) is to be considered as officials and as such are entitled to the legal protection provided for such persons.
  17. Non-swimmers cannot use the pools and designated slides, those with prosthesis, and neck and spine injured are prohibited to use the slides.
  18. Eating, drinking, the use of cleansing materials is not allowed. The pollution of the water in any way or manner, the use of the pools and slides with sandy, oily body is prohibited. Showering prior to the use of the pools and slides is obligatory for all Customers.
  19. It is forbidden to jump into the pools, except for the Acrobat pool, where jumping is only allowed from the designated areas! The Acrobat pool is 3.5 m deep. Only good swimmers are allowed to jump into the Acrobat pool and only on their own responsibility. You are obliged to take care of your own and other’s safety when jumping.
  20. Splashing and jumping into to the water with a warmed-up body is prohibited. In case of warmed-up body it is obligatory to take a shower before entering the water and/or enter the water slowly, stage by stage. All accidents rising from the negligence of this are the responsibility of the customer (in case of children the accompanying adult)
  21. It is prohibited to use drugs, litter, to lay a fire, to use fire-crackers/petards and any other possibly frightening objects or to act in any way that violates public order or public decency. It is forbidden to take any vehicles, animals, objects capable of causing damage into the area of the Aquarena.
  22. First-aid is available on the grounds of Aquarena during opening hours and is available free of charge in case of any injury, sickness or indisposition, or any other health complaints.
  23. Smoking is allowed on the outdoor grounds of Aquarena only in the designated smoking areas. It is forbidden to drop burning cigarette butts into the litter bins or any other place. For cigarette butts please use the ash trays.
  24. Please throw litter and garbage into the designated litter bins.
  25. In case of a fire or bomb alarm or any other unusual event Customers should follow the instructions given over the loudspeakers or by the Aquarena staff.
  26. Upon buying the admission card (band) the Customers state and acknowledge that they accept the present Rules and Regulations and shall consider it to be binding for themselves. This also includes acknowledgement of the fact that the Customer’s picture may appear without his/her previous approval in any media, or on any printed photographs (even with the aim of advertising and promotional materials) without any subsequent claims inherent rights or material claim.


Opening hours, ticket sales, service hours

The opening hours of Aquarena are listed at the www.aquarena.hu website. The price of the admission card (the admission card to Aquarena means a band and a receipt)and services is listed at the ticket office. When buying an admission card, the Customers receive an admission band and a receipt, which must be kept until departure. Official invoice for accounting purposes (VAT invoice) can be requested at the ticket office.

The ticket office closes one hour before the closing of Aquarena. Aquarena can be open in the evenings for special events in adherence with separate regulations.

The proper placement of the admission bands received at the ticket office is the task of the staff on duty at the entry gates. Entry is possible only through the code-detecting entry gates.

The loudspeakers installed on the grounds of Aquarena serve the purpose of announcements, advertising, messages, public announcements and the provision of information. Customers can take advantage of the loudspeakers according to the information available at the reception.

The management of Aquarena reserves the right to change service hours if required. In the case of extraordinary weather conditions (lightning, heavy showers, gales, etc.) the use of the slides and pools can be temporarily prohibited by the service provider due to safety reasons. Any such changes will be advertised at the ticket office and announced over the loudspeakers. Aquarena is not obliged to reimburse the Customers in such cases. When there is a curtailing of services due to technical reasons, the service provider maintains the right to decide within its own jurisdiction whether or not it will apply any change in admission fees.

We request the Customers to leave the Aquarena grounds in the shortest time possible following closing hours. Aquarena management will be responsible only for valuables deposited in the safe, and shall not be responsible for any losses due to valuables left on its grounds. The service provider cannot provide an itemized list of valuables left in the cloakroom. The cloakrooms can be used upon payment of a rental fee. An extra fee will be charged for lost locker keys.

The pool master and the lifeguard are responsible for safety supervision of the pools, the cleanness of the pool water and the pool area, the availability of rescue appliances, the content of the emergency kits, for calling the physician/ambulance doctor (even if the rescue proved to be uneventful and the rescued Customer feels well).

The Customer has the right to express his/her opinion and comments in oral or written form about the mode and quality of the service provided or the behavior of the staff. The Customer’s complaint-book is available at the reception. The management of Aquarena is obliged to investigate and act on any complaint, comment or suggestion in keeping with the relevant regulations. In cases where the Customer has provided an address, the management must reply in writing.

We kindly ask our Customers to fill in the received questionnaires after thorough consideration with which they help the continuous control and improvement of the operation and services of Aquarena.

The management of Aquarena cannot consider any complaints or claims for damages resulting from non-adherence to the Rules and Regulations.

The Rules and Regulations have been prepared in order to ensure the safety, health and physical integrity of our Customers.

We wish all our Customers a pleasant and enjoyable stay!