The entrance ticket is a wristband, by which you have an all-day, limitless access to our water slides. You can participate in our programs and use the tubes, sun umbrellas and tanning beds of the park.


Tickets Price
Adult 7 500 HUF
Student / Senior (with student ID,
Senior from the age of 60 with an ID)
6 000 HUF
Children (from the age of 3 to 10) 3 500 HUF

For children up to the age of 3, it is free to visit Aquarena!


Title Price
Safe deposit 1 500 HUF
Lost key 5 000 HUF

Every afternoon after 3:00 pm our discount prices apply which are the following:
(Except during the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix.)

Adult 6 000 HUF
Student/Senior 4 500 HUF
Children 2 500 HUF

Online tickets: BUY TICKETS


The cash substitute payment system has been destined for the Aquaréna’s customers so that it ensures comfort, carefree fun and safety for their valuables.

The AquaPay system is the only purchasing posibility in the Aquarena’s area!

Utilizable: usage of catering and beach articles.

In the area of the Aquaréna, at the service desks, you can only purchase and consume by the already topped-up balance. There is no other acceptable payment at the service desks.

At the Aquaréna’s working Aquapay desks (4, 5, 6, 7 counter), when entering or anytime later, the money, destined to be spent, can be deposited due to the bar-code on the armband (TOP-UP). After the top-up you have to keep the voucher! In case of a ripped armband checking the invoice is only possible if possessing the voucher and the ripped armband.

At the Aquaréna’s working Aquapay desks (4, 5, 6, 7 counter), during opening hours (9.00am – 7.00pm) we pay back the topped-up but unspent money from that particular day (REFUNDMENT).

After every purchase a readout shows the total of the shopping and the new total. At any desks, at any time, the invioce’s total and account history can be shown.

At all desks and service counters the transactions are captured with cameras.

At top-up we accept the following payments: Forint (HUF) cash, Euro cash, credit card, SZÉP card, Erzsébet card. Beach articles (Shop „Strandcikk”) cannot be payed by the armbend if it was topped-up by SZÉP card or Erzsébet card. Watergames (HangAir, Twistair, AirBall) cannot be payed by the armbend if it was topped-up by Erzsébet card.

Maximum total of top-up: 10.000 Ft (HUF), € 33.
1 Euro = 300 Ft (HUF)
Not accepted banknotes: € 200, € 500.

We would like to draw your kind attention, that with reference to the government decree concerning SZÉP Card use, our company refuses to convert SZÉP Card money to cash or bank money. Erzsébet and SZÉP Card top-ups cannot be refunded, and you accept these terms by using the service.

For children’s armbands we cannot accept TOP-UP, since children under 10 cannot be left without parental control.

The Aquapay cash substitute payment system’s usage takes charges:

Financial affairs: 100 Ft (HUF) – one-time charge, at first top-up.

In case of topping-up from credit card, SZÉP card or Erzsébet card, each top-up costs 300 Ft (HUF), which is for the financial affairs- independently the total top-up.

The Aquapay’s operator is the FlowCat Kft. In case of any question please feel free to ask our cashiers.

Have fun!