One day is not enough? Stay for some more!

You don’t even have to worry about accommodation.

The park-side Panorama Camp with a terrace and with a capacity to welcome more than hundred caravans and tents is waiting for you. You can find everything that is necessary for a romantic camping on this nearly 2 500 sqm area.

Holiday voucher is accepted. Don’t leave it home!


Camping Fees

The above prices are valid from 16th of June 2018, except for the Formula 1 period.

For more info please contact us via phone +36 28 541-100 or via uh.an1614290928erauq1614290928a@ofn1614290928i1614290928

Camping Price
Adult 2000 HUF/night
Children (between the age of 6 to 14)  1000 HUF/night
Student (14 – with student ID)  1500 HUF/night
Senior (over 60 years)  1500 HUF/night
Tourist tax  290 HUF/person/night
Tent place 1500 HUF/night
Caravan place  2500 HUF/night
Motorbike place  1000 HUF/night
Car place  1500 HUF/night
Eletricity  1000 HUF/night
Pet  500 HUF/night